Something to read: Driving…an extinction event –by West Midlands Police

West Midlands Police, the pioneering force behind #opclosepass are excelling themselves right now. Not only are they making waves across the UK with their close pass initiative, they are also producing some fantastic posts on their blog. Their latest one really is a thing of beauty. It’ll be uncomfortable reading for any petrolheads among you, […]

Zig Zag

Get involved in the Vale of Glamorgan’s Active Travel Consultation

Whilst we have been a little pre-occupied with Cardiff’s Active Travel Consultation, it’s worth remembering that our neighbouring counties are going through the same process. Cardiff is actually quite small and quick to traverse by bike, meaning that many of us may start our journeys in the Vale, Caerphilly, Newport or RCT. We need to […]

Charity Rides…

We talk a lot on here about Audax, particularly because they are a great way to rack up the mileage without breaking the bank. There are also sportives like the Velothon and Castles & Cathedrals, but if you want to get some serious mileage in without the sleep deprivation of a 400km or 600km Audax, […]