Last-minute gift ideas for the cyclist in your life…

Whilst you can spend a hideous amount of money in your local bike shop, there’s a multitude of potential gifts on the shelves to interest your two-wheeled friends or relatives this Christmas.

Just as the N+1 formula works for bikes, there are many more things we will either use up, need to replace or have not yet got around to buying. Such as:

  1. A track pump
    For about £30, a track pump is an excellent investment that many of us simply overlook. We think we are getting enough pressure in our tyres simply because they “feel hard”. With a road bike tyre, there’s hard…and there’s HARD! Get him or her a track pump like the Topeak Joe Blow Sport 2 and remove any doubt from their minds, not to mention the risk of punctures.
  2. Overshoes
    Overshoes are also a useful investment, mainly because they wear out quite quickly. You’ll need to know roughly how big their feet are though. Overshoes made from neoprene are a safe bet and will set you back around £25.
  3. A mug
    A humble piece of ceramic with something bicycle-related on the side? Let’s not lose sight of the fact that some of us cyclists can be a preachy bunch and would love nothing more than to walk about the office with a steaming brew and an advert for the fact that we cycle, all rolled into one.
  4. Geraint Thomas’ autobiography!
    Whitchurch boy and rising star of the pro peloton, “G” has a book out called The World of Cycling According to G. We’ve not got around to reading it yet, but word has it that it is one of the better cycling autobiographies.
  5. A new D-lock
    Spend any time looking at the public bike stands and it’ll become clear that many of us could do with a better lock. This may be at the upper limit of your “last-minute” stocking-filler budget at £50, but a gold-rated D-lock is always a wise investment.

If all else fails, most bike shops sell vouchers too!


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