The Most Challenging Climbs in and around Cardiff – Your suggestions!

When we published our short list of our most challenging local climbs, little did we know just how much discussion it would create.

We could not be more pleased that it has inspired you all to talk & share your favourite climbs. It was inevitable that we’d miss a few off. We wanted to keep it reasonably short, but we also wanted to stick to the ones we had done recently in order to judge how intense they were.

What we had also neglected to consider was the off-road climbs that we have in the area. We’ve so far been fairly road-centric since we got started, but for every on-road climb there is likely to be an off-road alternative. We do have access to a mountain bike and will endeavour to spend more time through the summer testing out some of the trails.

Your suggestions have been coming through since the article was posted, so below you will find a list of the climbs we’ve been sent by way of the comments section, twitter and facebook.

This list will of course grow as more suggestions are added, so please keep them coming.

On-road climbs

Off-road climbs

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