Cycling Around Cardiff – Your Pictures…

Every now and again our readers and followers will tweet us or send photos through of their experiences riding around Cardiff. We absolutely love that and want to encourage it further.

Cardiff is a great city. It is flat, compact and surrounded by beautiful countryside. We try to focus on that as best we can and try to put the lack of quality infrastructure to the backs of our minds, which is why we love it when you send us photos from out on your rides.

However, we’d like to find a way to incorporate these photos into the site for all to see, whether they use the social networks or not.

So, here’s the plan. Many of you seem to use Instagram. So do we, as it happens. If you use the hashtag #Cardiffbybike when you post a photo whilst out on a ride, it’ll appear on our new page. We’ll still re-share the images you send us on Twitter and Facebook, but we’re going to try this way too.

It’ll look a little like what you see below. However, providing the plugin behaves itself and of course, that things go according to plan, we’ll keep this running. Enjoy!

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