Taff Trail closure at Ty-Mawr Road – 5th June 2016

Whilst the signs have been up for a couple of weeks, we’ve been hoping that the Council or Sustrans would publish an alternative route for you to use. As it is the day before and still no route, we should probably put our heads together.

From 9pm on 4th June (today) until 3pm Sunday 5th June 2016, Network Rail is carrying out works on the railway bridge at the top of Hailey Park. Obviously, those of you travelling south to take part in the Naked Bike Ride will find that more than a little inconvenient. Not to mention that the weather forecast for tomorrow is pretty good and many will want to be out on their bikes, or out for a walk. So, let’s look at some alternatives.

The Road Route

Heading south, if you don’t mind riding in traffic you could stay on Forest Farm Road until it becomes Velindre Road. At the roundabout take a right and head down Heol Don until you reach Llandaff North. Take a left at the next roundabout by the pub, straight over the next roundabout and you can rejoin the trail up on the right by Llandaff Weir.

This obviously works in reverse too. At the Llandaff Weir, take a right and head back to the road. Ride through Llandaff North, up the hill and take a left as the road bends around towards the library. From the roundabout you can take a left back to the Trail.

The off-road route

We wouldn’t normally recommend this one, but it has been dry for a while and shouldn’t be too boggy. However, cross the river at the footbridge near Radyr Station, take a left towards the Cricket Club and look for a gate further along the river.

Here you will find a trail that you can follow until you reach a footbridge that will take you to Hailey Park. Based on this, there is a third option, but there’s a slight chance you’ll get lost in suburbia.

The Suburbia Route

Cross the river at Radyr Station as before, but take the left after the turning for the cricket club. Follow De Clare Drive until you see a right turn for Goetre Fawr. Keep heading straight until you find a path to the side of the houses that’ll lead you to the footbridge.

Good luck!

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