Events: A Couple of Night Rides to Swansea…

NOTE! If you are reading this in 2017, you’ll be wanting this one instead.

June is apparently the month to ride to Swansea in the dark! There are two events coming up this month that will see you set off from Cardiff and end up in Swansea.

On the 18th of June a group of riders will set off from the Mochyn Du at sunset, ride through to Vale and onto Swansea to catch the sunrise. It’s apparently an informal affair and you can sign up by heading over to the Facebook Event page.

The second one kicks off on 24th June from the Millennium Centre. It is a later start that looks to head down the A48 to Llantwit Major, before hitting the lanes. However, with this one there is sandwiches and cake to be had at Ogmore before continuing down to Swansea.

This second one is hosted by the CTC Cycling UK and you need to sign up with your C…Cycling UK membership number. Head over to their Facebook Event page for more information.

Getting back again…

One thing to keep in mind with both of these rides to Swansea is that you need to get back home again. You will be at the mercy of the railways if you are not also planning to ride back or be picked up.

We are planning to ride on the 18th and also planning to ride back over the Bwlch. If that appeals to you we have a route that you might like to try. It’s a bit hillier than heading back the way you came (it’s one of those Epic Climbs…), but it should be beautiful up there if the weather is good.

Whichever one you choose, they are both on our Facebook Page. It also goes without saying that you should bring spare inner tubes, tyre levers and a set of lights! It’s also prudent to let friends & relatives know where you are.

Have fun & we may see you there!


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