Travel advice for November 12th 2016

Not only are we in the run up to Christmas, the 12th November Cardiff plays host to two major sporting events, including Wales v Argentina in the rugby and Wales v Serbia in the football.

One fixture is bad enough, but two?! Understandably, the roads will be a certifiable nightmare and the trains will not be for the faint of heart either.

However, you can get into town by bike…

With only six weekends left until Christmas, the Authorities are keen to ensure that as much of the city is open for business on Saturday, to strike the balance between those that are coming to watch the rugby and football and those that want to go Christmas shopping.

Source: Travel advice for major events –

We’ve had a jolly good rant about the Council not considering active travel in its major event plans before, but on a day of all days the message still doesn’t appear to be getting through. So, we’re going to do it.

Getting to Cardiff by bike

Believe it or not, you really can get to either match by bike. There is parking dotted around Cardiff, such as outside the Principality Stadium along Millennium Walk; outside Cardiff Central Station; and a small number of racks along Westgate Street.

The Council has a map and we’ve been working on one too.

However, we’d be inclined to park a little further out such as the Friary; outside City Hall or one of the other streets leading from Queen Street. However, the Friary is notoriously over-subscribed with many bikes being chained to benches and railings.

There are racks on each side street though.

For the football in Leckwith, there’s a good number of racks to the side of Costa; the betting shop; Asda and every other retail unit in the park. Leckwith is on the Ely trail and the Principality is on the Taff Trail.

Obligatory D-Lock reminder

With so many people in town, a cable lock definitely isn’t going to do it. Not that it ever does. You need to take a good D-lock with you, two if you can manage it. Take a ruck sack, put at least one D-lock in it, perhaps an extra jumper too (it’s going to be cold!) and have a great day.

Hopefully the results will go our way and you can ride back home feeling happy, without any of the queuing and bumper-to-bumper traffic. You might want to go easy on the booze though –weaving about tends to be frowned upon…


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