HSBC City Ride Cardiff

On the 6th August Cardiff plays host to British Cycling’s “City Ride Cardiff”. In our previous post, details were a little thin on the ground but now there is a video and a starting location.

Whilst we don’t have a route yet, we know that the start point is Roald Dahl Plass in Cardiff Bay (CF10 5AN).

We would guess that there will be some sort of loop around the Bay Trail. Starting from Roald Dahl Plass, the Bay Trail would probably be the easiest & safest loop to arrange and martial. However, this is purely a guess and we’ve been scouring the darkest recesses of the Council’s website looking for anything resembling a road closure to indicate something different. We’ll let you know if we find out any more.

Of course, there will be other things to do at Roald Dahl Plass besides ride, including a range of stands & stalls. It should be a fun day out for people of all ages.

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