Grass-roots Movements

We must apologise for harping on about Boneshaker for a second post in quick succession, but an article in issue 19, entitled Generation Next sparked our interest. It talks about a handful of cycling communities and groups that have sprung up in various places around the world, outside the traditional club circuit. The anti-club Rightly […]

Something to read: The Impact of Road Projects in England

It is pretty widely understood, apparently outside political circles, that if you build roads you get more traffic. A report commissioned by the Campaign to Protect Rural England looked into the effects of major road projects and unsurprisingly found that yes, you do indeed get more traffic. CPRE commissioned consultants Transport for Quality of Life Community […]

Something to read: Driving…an extinction event –by West Midlands Police

West Midlands Police, the pioneering force behind #opclosepass are excelling themselves right now. Not only are they making waves across the UK with their close pass initiative, they are also producing some fantastic posts on their blog. Their latest one really is a thing of beauty. It’ll be uncomfortable reading for any petrolheads among you, […]