Something to read: The Impact of Road Projects in England

It is pretty widely understood, apparently outside political circles, that if you build roads you get more traffic. A report commissioned by the Campaign to Protect Rural England looked into the effects of major road projects and unsurprisingly found that yes, you do indeed get more traffic. CPRE commissioned consultants Transport for Quality of Life Community […]

Something to read: Driving…an extinction event –by West Midlands Police

West Midlands Police, the pioneering force behind #opclosepass are excelling themselves right now. Not only are they making waves across the UK with their close pass initiative, they are also producing some fantastic posts on their blog. Their latest one really is a thing of beauty. It’ll be uncomfortable reading for any petrolheads among you, […]

Debunking some common Cycling Fallacies

We have a new favourite website. Cycling Fallacies has launched, providing a one-stop-shop for rebukes and counter-arguments for nearly every common falsehood or half-truth that we cyclists seem to spend an inordinate amount of time dealing with. The site, which was created with the support of the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain is laid out in […]


Something to read: Andrew Gilligan: The only way to tackle air quality is to reduce traffic

Whilst we in Cardiff wait patiently for Cardiff Council to spring into life and start delivering on their Active Travel obligations, it probably hasn’t escaped anyone’s attention that there’s a bit of a revolution happening in London right now. One of Boris Johnson’s better actions as Mayor was to establish a network of “Cycle Superhighways”, […]