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Get involved in the Vale of Glamorgan’s Active Travel Consultation

Whilst we have been a little pre-occupied with Cardiff’s Active Travel Consultation, it’s worth remembering that our neighbouring counties are going through the same process. Cardiff is actually quite small and quick to traverse by bike, meaning that many of us may start our journeys in the Vale, Caerphilly, Newport or RCT. We need to […]

Cardiff Cycling Strategy 2016-2026 – Deep Dive Part 2 – Primary Route East-West

In our previous post we talked about the Council’s strategy for delivering improvements to its cycle network. As part of that strategy there are two new “primary routes” to talk about, one travelling east to west and the other north to south. There are also longer-term improvements planned to the original Enfys routes, but we’ll […]

Greener Grangetown and the Rainscape Project…

Interesting things are afoot in Grangetown, with a scheme to better manage rainwater and make the area “cleaner and greener”. Streets running between Taff Embankment and Corporation Road, as well as Taff Embankment are to receive a facelift that includes porous paving, planters and swales that will filter and clean rainwater before passing it into […]