Porridge is an excellent way to start the day, particularly if you have a long ride ahead, or it’s a cold winter morning and a long day at work, school or college beckons. A very cheap yet nutritious meal packed with slow burning energy it may be, however it is probably fair to say it […]


Fuelling your rides…

Believe it or not, you can probably ride further than you think. For most of us our actual potential is often far beyond what we think it is, but what separates us from more¬†seasoned riders often boils down to diet and determination. This week we had World Porridge Day, apparently. Perhaps this is the perfect […]

Hydration on the bike

Hydration at any time of year is vital for not just the enjoyment of your ride, but also your overall state of health. Many of us struggle to drink enough water during the day & often overlook just how vital adequate hydration is for everything else in your life. However, as the weather improves, the […]

So worth it...

Recovering from a long ride…

A long ride can be tremendously satisfying, not least because you often get to see some wonderful things, but also because you know that your efforts will have taken you a step further along your path to a stronger, fitter version of you. However, your body needs to recover in order for you to experience […]