Base Layer

Base Layers…

There are few things more important in a cyclist’s wardrobe than the humble base layer, particularly during the autumn and winter. This understated bit of fabric will help to keep you warm and move sweat away from your skin. However, there’s a fair amount of choice out there, including some that are designed to keep you […]


Finding the right saddle height

Riding your bike should not be causing you pain. At least, not long-term pain anyway. If you get off your bike after a ride with sore knees, or even a sore lower back, chances are your saddle is at the wrong height. Have your saddle too high and your pelvis will be rocking from side […]


Warm hands, warm feet…

There are few things more miserable than riding around with cold, wet hands and feet. With the weather the way it has been throughout November and into December, getting wet on your ride is an occupational hazard. Unfortunately, water is a crafty substance that will eventually make its way into everything, including clothes that claim […]

Going Clipless…

Spend enough time hanging around a group of cyclists and sooner or later the subject of pedals will no doubt crop up. You wouldn’t think that something as fundamental as a pedal would make for interesting and in-depth conversation, but you’d be surprised. There’s just so much choice out there… Here’s the thing. If you […]